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Subject: Re: mailing with sendmail binary / errors
From: lee <davislee @ btinternet . com>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 00:20:56 +0000
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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hello again Al and everyone,

(see * below for my replies)

Al Iverson wrote:

If I understand correctly, the issue is bounces being distributed to list members, yes?

* Yes, that's right.

Is the list locked so that only members can post? Verified by email address?

  * Yes, indeed so.

Can you post one of those bounces to a text file, just like you did with the example post?

* I don't have one to hand at present, but could generate one. They appear to be the same kind of mail delivery failure notifications that you would receive from a personal mail to a dead or over quota address, for example. The majority of the error mails I'm referring to appear to be posted by the mail daemon on the list hosting's site. A smaller amount appear to come directly from the mail daemon of the failing address.

My thoughts would be to change the return path as to not be the list posting address, or to change the list so that only members may post.

* Yes, I'm trying to create the option to change the Return-Path (or at least force in an overall specific one for all lists) with my previously described efforts. It's these coding efforts I've reached a dead end with because I have taken my non-knowledge of php to the utmost limit !

If you're still seeing the issues after that happens, then it feels like you have some list members with a wonky MTA or MUA that is doing some bad stuff. I see that often enough on our mailings (avg 1-2 mil a day) that we had to put some extensive automation in place to handle misdirected bounces, as well as the usual other garbage like out of office replies.

* Absolutely, once I've achieved my aims above I can assess the issue (I'm already aware of) where some mail servers don't acknowledge the actual desired Return-Path.

It could also be caused by some poorly-designed spam filter, that's helpfully trying to bounce perceived spam, but is parsing the headers wrong and sending it to the wrong person (though in a situation like that, there's really not a right person to send it to; a spam filter like that does little more than pound innocents with misdirected spam and bounces).

  * Sure, presumably a real possibility.

  * Many thanks again for anything further,

  * Lee

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even bigger hits, pop and dance - less fillers than ever before*

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