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Subject: Re: false positives - junkmail - humm
From: Alvin Oga <alvin @ planet . fef . com>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:33:01 -0800 (PST)
To: amitchell @ habeas . com (Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.)
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <3E5C07DC . 10942 . 1420BA @ localhost> from "Anne P. Mitchell, Esq." at Feb 26, 2003 12:18:36 AM

hi ya anne

> Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. wrote:
> > i say that is a worst piece of spam and junkmail in this list to date

> Anyways, if so, I sincerely apologize!

well looks like i've been outvoted ... so for that i apologize to you Anne 
( maybe i should keep quiet and lurk too .. )

but before i do that.. just wanted to say that even if a post is
on topic, it can still be considered spam .. :-)
	- everybody's definition of spam is different

- for me ...
	- any spam/virus filter that allows "false positives" is worthless to me

	( 2x - 3x much faster to simply hit "d" once than to worry abouot
	( if a real email went to the (supposedly) spam bunket that is NOT 
	( checked as often

	- and the habeas one was "deemed spam" due to excessive headers
	and contains no useful info .. just one line for the url suffice
	( see below )

i am heading down the road to spam-hell..:-0 for my punishment... hehehee

again, my apologies for posting my initial spam comment..


X> Return-Path: <list-managers-owner+M1274=planet .
 fef .
 com=alvin @
 greatcircle .
X> X-Habeas-SWE-1: winter into spring
X> X-Habeas-SWE-2: brightly anticipated
X> X-Habeas-SWE-3: like Habeas SWE (tm)
X> X-Habeas-SWE-4: Copyright 2002 Habeas (tm)
X> X-Habeas-SWE-5: Sender Warranted Email (SWE) (tm). The sender of this
X> X-Habeas-SWE-6: email in exchange for a license for this Habeas
X> X-Habeas-SWE-7: warrant mark warrants that this is a Habeas Compliant
X> X-Habeas-SWE-8: Message (HCM) and not spam.  Please report use of this
X> X-Habeas-SWE-9: mark in spam to <>.
X> Organization: Habeas - the email you want
X> To: list-managers @
 greatcircle .

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