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Subject: Re: re-appearing old mail?
From: "David W. Tamkin" <dattier @ ripco . com>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 08:46:41 -0500
To: <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>
References: <5 . 1 . 0 . 14 . 2 . 20020615211521 . 143dda98 @ 127 . 0 . 0 . 1> <5 . 1 . 0 . 14 . 2 . 20020616004422 . 132ac238 @ 127 . 0 . 0 . 1>

Nick followed up,

| The problem is that this is suddenly happening to a lot of southeast
| addresses - on my list, on spam-l, to other people here, and so forth.  It
| is beginning to seem like it is an ISP issue, and it is not at all clear
| what the ISP would be doing, reinjecting the mail with a bad mail from:<>
| nor why they are doing this suddenly for a range of users.

I had several situations on the last list I ran where I banned a domain.  None
of the subscribers with addresses in the banned domains were at fault; in N-1
cases it was flaky MTA setups that I was sick of dealing with, and the other
was an ISP who had done something so horrible to me personally that I decided
that their customers' experiences on that ISP should not benefit from my
efforts to manage and moderate the list.  (For that last one I did not tell
the subscribers why I would no longer send the list to their domain.)

Most weren't interested enough to give me other addresses and just quietly let
me close their subscriptions.  Some gave me other addresses.  Predictably,
nobody proactively unsubbed.  I expected that some who didn't reply (despite
thirty-day, fifteen-day, and seven-day notices) would write a couple months
later to ask what happened to the list, but none did ... for those situations.
I had that last happen in another story, which did not involve banning a

| It does seem we should be copying abuse @
 rr .
 com and postmaster @
 rr .
 com in the
| hope that they will fix their problem.

Perhaps Road Runner will do something (but aren't they owned by AOL?); in the
meantime, I wouldn't blame any affected listadmin from suspending all
subscriptions to addresses and inviting those members to receive the
list elsewhere.

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