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Subject: Re: Cute new hoax
From: Nick Simicich <njs @ scifi . squawk . com>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 15:00:31 -0400
To: "William Silvert" <wsilvert @ ipimar . pt>
Cc: "list-managers" <list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM>
In-reply-to: <05d701c0e9d6$efd28bc0$99050a0a @ silvert>

At 02:38 PM 5/31/2001 +0100, William Silvert wrote:
>After I posted my comment about innovative new directions in virus attacks,
>the following warning appeared in my mailbox:
>----- Original Message -----
>> The following hoax email ... asks recipients to delete the Sulfnbk.exe
>I don't know whether I will bother posting advice about this to any lists,
>but it shows that the SOBs who propagate viruses are ingenious - this is so
>much like the standard procedure for cleansing many viruses that I suspect
>that some people would be taken in by it. After all, the key to computer
>sabotage is to get the user to do something dangerous, and con men have a
>long record of being able to fool people.

I filter on "virus" in the subject line. Some idiot got the bounce and
changed the subject to "important, please read and act on immediately" and
posted it before I could get b ack to him.  I'm now filteing on Sulfnbk.exe
in the body.

>In any case, it is this sort of development that I think we should be
>prepared to warn subscribers about. If hoaxes of this sort become
>widespread, and not well-publicised, they are legitimate grounds for

To a totally unrelated list (like a scuba or rally list)? Or to a community
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