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Subject: Re: test messages etc
From: "Bernie Cosell" <bernie @ fantasyfarm . com>
Organization: Fantasy Farm Fibers
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 14:27:40 -0400
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <3204430420 . 991046908 @ [192 . 168 . 0 . 5]>
References: <200105280800 . BAA14998 @ honor . greatcircle . com>

On 28 May 2001, at 10:48, Tom Neff wrote:

> ...If you don't want to force people to join 
> before they can look up good info from your list postings, make searchable 
> archives available on the web.  If they want to post, they can join.

If you're going to do this, *dont*forget* to 'sanitize' the messages 
before you put them up on the web site.  It is hard to tell for sure, but 
on one list I'm on the evidence was pretty strong that a spammer 
harvested list-email-addrs from the online archives.

Bernie Cosell                     Fantasy Farm Fibers
mailto:bernie @
 fantasyfarm .
 com     Pearisburg, VA
    -->  Too many people, too few sheep  <--          

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