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Subject: Re: autoresponders and vacation notices (was: problem)
From: Nick Simicich <njs @ scifi . squawk . com>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 15:35:22 -0400
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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At 08:44 AM 5/5/2001 -0400, James M Galvin wrote:
>On Fri, 4 May 2001, Tim Pierce wrote:
>    The Berkeley `vacation' algorithm seems to
>    have held up pretty well over the years: ....
>    I would not mind seeing those requirements codified in the next
>    revision of the DSN standard.
>Just for clarity, DSN is RFC1894 and refers to delivery status.  MDN is
>RFC2298 and refers to after delivery conditions, e.g., vacation notices
>and autoresponders.

We may have to disagree on this one.  The way I read the standard, MDNs
first have to be requested with a Disposition-notification-to header.
Vacation notices are sent unsolicited, and as such, do not have a
disposition-notification-to style target, and thus the genesis of this
discussion, "where do we send the vacation notices"?

Now if you think that DSN applies to vacation notices, I will bring this
quote from 1894 up:

94>   The DSN MUST be addressed (in both the message header and the
94>   transport envelope) to the return address from the transport envelope
94>   which accompanied the original message for which the DSN was
94>   generated.  (For a message that arrived via SMTP, the envelope return
94>   address appears in the MAIL FROM command.)

Now, I don't *really* think that DSN or MDN applies to vacation notices.
But Vacation notices are closer to DSN than to MDN since they may be sent
unsolicited, and I think that, in the absense of other guidance, they
should be sent to the transport envelope address and not the from or
reply-to address.

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