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Subject: Re: Truncated Digests Mystery
From: "David W. Tamkin" <dattier @ Mcs . Net>
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 16:24:24 -0500 (CDT)
To: TH0M @ usa . net (TT)
Cc: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <35EE2189 . 6AF5 @ usa . net> from "TT" at Sep 2, 98 09:56:41 pm

Tommi Thompson wrote,

| Actually, one other person, one time, triggered truncation.
| His message did end in two rows of asterisks, which were visible
| in single and digest, and after which nothing at all appeared...
| no footers on the single, no subsequeqent message or footers in
| the digest. That one did not puzzle me. I tho't the lines of
| asterisks constituted the problem.

They probably did.

| On closer inspection, in her messages as received in AOL email,
| footers didn't disappear completely, but were affected and oddly
| corrupted. Sample below.

| When asked, she said that her original message had nothing
| under her first-name-only signoff, "Carol"

Right now I'll bet on Alexander Verbraeck's theory of an embedded ^Z over
anything I said before.

| The only corruption in that 2nd 3-part footer
| is the leading *two* periods on a blank line, when only one
| period had been inserted there, in my config file.

I think it's standard SMTP to represent a literal period at the beginning of
a line with two periods so that it won't be taken as the period to end a
message.  However, that happens the same with all articles in your list's
digest issues and wouldn't be particular to Carol's posts.

| Melissa's was the post after Carol's. I've never seen
| single messages contaminated, mooshed together this way.

That can be a locking problem, but it would show up randomly and not select
Carol's submissions.

[I suggested automatically indenting the bodies of her posts by one column
 in case the problem was having some particular string flush left.]

| Oooo, interesting idea. I'm not sophisticated enough to make that
| happen automatically, nor is the bestserv list automation software.
| She didn't like being "moderated," so she left. She was a pretty
| good contributor, so if I found an automatic way to handle it, I
| might entice her back, but my posting her messages was my solution
| and she didn't like it at all. Affected her sense of spontaneity and
| autonomy.

If the problem is a ^Z, indenting won't help after all.

| Can an EOF marker be invisible? And can it cause corruption of footers
| in some cases rather than simply eliminating them outright?

Yes, it can be invisible, and there's no telling exactly what it can cause.

Good luck.

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