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Subject: Re: FindMail.Com?
From: "Lisa Gerson" <lgerson @ mcs . net>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 16:05:57 -0600
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Comments: Authenticated sender is <lgerson @ popmail . mcs . net>

> I received the following from one of my list owners:
> >Is this a bit suspicious? Have you heard of these people? I
> >feel I should quietly remove them...
> >--me

> >>ListSaver-of-casio-keyboarders @
 vault .
 findmail .
 com has been added to
> >casio-keyboarders.
> offers no information on these people, besides an
> email address to mail.  Their primary DNS is provided by,
> according to Whois. speaks of archiving "the web",
> Usenet, and other "public information" but doesn't mention mailing
> lists.
> Are these people archiving my list without my permission?  Anyone else
> gotten requests from this site, or have subscribers now?

They subscribed to both of my lists a while back, so I wrote to the 
address on the web page and this is the information they sent me on

> FindMail Communications is a small internet company designed to
> archive public mailing lists for the Internet Archive
> (  Here is the mission statement of the Internet
> Archive:
> "Internet Archive is gathering, storing, and providing access to
> public materials on the Internet such as the World Wide Web,
> Netnews, and downloadable software.  The Archive will provide
> historians, researchers, scholars, and others access to this vast
> collection of data (reaching ten terabytes), and ensure the
> longevity of the information." -

Unfortunately they didn't bother to ask if it was ok to archive my 
lists before they subscribed, so I removed their addresses from my 


Lisa Gerson - lisa @
 modernist .
 com, lgerson @
 mcs .
Collectors Row Antique Mall
manager, modslist & lipgloss(Pulp) mailing lists,

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