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Subject: Re: Large Mailing Lists
From: scott @ zorch . sf-bay . org (Scott Hazen Mueller)
Organization: At Home; Salida, CA
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 16:30:07 GMT
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Reply-to: scott @ zorch . sf-bay . org

>I've heard some of you mention that you run mailing lists with *thousands* of 
>subscribers.  What kinds of lists are these that would attract such a huge 
>subscribership?  How long have they been up and running?

I ran for one brief and painful period the newsletter mailing list for the
Travelocity ( Web site.  The initial list was
seeded with ~9000 addresses of people who had filled out marketing surveys and
checked "yes, I want to get more information by e-mail".  Between the time we
put up our subscription form (early August) and when I delivered the October
1st edition, we had grown to ~25,000 subscribers and were adding a couple of
hundred a day, about 1,000/week since weekends were much slower.  Delivering
that first newsletter with a UNIX mailer (zmailer) was nearly an all-day
hands-on affair, and enough to convince me that industrial-grade tools would
be worth the money...

I nearly quit that job when they tried to order me to send UCE to the entire
registered user base of Travelocity (~250,000 users), and I did ultimately
leave to go work for someone who offered me a job when I vented on the
spam @
 zorch mailing list about being asked to spam.



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