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(December 1996)

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Subject: Re: re[2]: Lyris
From: bruceb @ fatcity . com (Bruce Bergman)
Organization: Fat City BBS, San Diego, California
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 09:47:06 GMT
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

-> > How do you justify the increase in price when the lists/subscribers gets
-> > bigger?  What more do I get when I pay the premium for more lists and/or
-> > subscribers?  I must get "more" of something due to the increase in the
-> > price?

-> Our use-limited pricing scheme is not without precedent.  Many
-> server programs, such as Network servers (Novell, Windows NT,
-> Solaris) and Database servers (Oracle, Sybase) offer similar pricing
-> schemes.

I hate this kind of reasoning.  Its akin to saying "welllll, Johnny is
charging people like that, so I should charge like that too!"  This is a
weasly, whiney way of operating a software business.  Database companies
have LONG set unreasonable trends, like their tiered pricing schemes and
their across-the-board unwillingness to publish benchmarks against each
other, their rules about not selling their product to competitors, etc.

Just because someone ELSE does something doesn't mean it's RIGHT.

All of your claims of wonderful features and cool functions mean less to
me than a company trying to gouge me for having larger and more
numerous lists.  For that reason alone, I will never purchase your
products.  I encourage other list managers to recognize this tactic and
do likewise.  Let's not support this kind of attitude.

-> The only alternatives are to cater exclusively to the high end (with
-> only a high-priced version) or to offer limited versions in some way.

No, the way to do it is to offer a smaller set of features for the
smaller list packages.  People who only run two lists with no more than
50 subscribers rarely have the management problems that we bigger list
owners do, and therefore may not need all those features.  By reducing
the price and offering less features, at least you're being consistent
and not hypocritical.  Believe me, when you get to the 100 list mark,
and find 300-500 bounced mail messages in your mailbox every day, you'll
PAY for features that help manage that nightmare.  Price appropriately.

Here's hoping you see the light...


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