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Subject: Re: ISA
From: "James B. Byrne" <byrnejb @ harte-lyne . ca>
Organization: Harte & Lyne Limited
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:14:23 +4
To: mroberts @ resultnet . com
Cc: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Comments: Authenticated sender is <byrnejb @ mail . halisp . net>
Reply-to: byrnejb @ harte-lyne . ca

> > Hello - The Interactive Services Association (the official
> > organization of major internet service providers) has proposed
> > that firms sending out email announcements should ask first
> > whether people want to receive them. By replying to this message
> > with the word "remove" at the beginning of any line, you can avoid
> > receiving such announcements from us (and from others, too, if a
> > central clearinghouse is developed).
> > 
> > The New Statistics
> > PO Box 10913
> > Arlington, VA   22210
> > mroberts @
 resultnet .

It would of much greater service and use if the ISA would provide a
single point of reference wherein a person could confidentially
register his/her desire to not be bothered by any of the ISA
membership.  While the intent may be to diffuse anger and irritation,
the thought of forcing someone to respond to an unsolicted
communication by threatening them with continuing it unless they take
some action in each and every case can scarcely be believed to build
good will.

Add to that the is the implication that in the very act of responding, the
individual identifies him/her self as a successfull target of a mass
mailing from God knows what source or form.  Hardly a way to make 
friends and influence people, wouldn't you say?

Jim Byrne

James B. Byrne                 mailto:byrnejb @
 harte-lyne .
Harte & Lyne Limited 
Hamilton, Ontario              905-561-1241

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