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(September 1996)

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Subject: Rampant paranoia
From: mkidd @ apk . net (Monee C. Kidd)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:27:36 -0400
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM

I initially joined this list because it was a good forum for list owners to
share ideas on filters, keeping lists on topic, publicizing, etc. Within
the last few months, however, this list has become a sounding board for
what appears to be a small minority of people, worried about Spam <tm>.

Folks. Lighten up. I suspect the majority of 'spammers' you see sending
'lists' commands, or subscribing to your lists uninvited are no more than
'net newbies, exploring what's out there. I run a fairly large, public, but
read-only mailing list. I used to read all the copies of spam that were
forwarded to the list. I would see some of these people subscribe to my
list, some wouldn't, but other than that dreaded magazine offer which pops
up every few weeks, and one or two other isolated posts, I haven't been
innundated with any sort of spam. Unless you count the spam from this list.

There are a certain amount of risks that come with maintaining a mailing
list, whether it's closed or open, public or private. We are part of the
internet's public domain (whether you like it or not). It's like putting
your business address in the phone book - you need it there, or your
customers won't know you exist, but you can't possibly expect not to get
junk mail at some time or another. I am sure some of you have kill files
and filters half a mile long, trying to prevent any possible evil creeping
into your lists. For me, it's not necessary. The unwanted posts, bounce or
get ignored. The invalid addresses, get unsubscribed. Otherwise, I enjoy my
list, instead of obsessing over who might be trying to exploit it. This
List-Managers list has turned into a blatent display of obsessive paranoia,
and it's not interesting anymore. I spend 10 times longer filtering out the
garbage from here than any potential spammer. As soon as I figure out
whether this is the correct address I subscribed under, I'll be
unsubscribing. It's been a fun ride all, but you really do need to lighten

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