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(September 1996)

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Subject: Re: Any advice?
From: DWalheim @ aol . com
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 08:44:43 -0400
To: List-Managers @ greatcircle . com

>From: Peter Boulay <pp001427 @
 pop3 .
 interramp .
>  Are there any ways a legitimate enterprise can recruit members or make 
> itself known through your lists?

A small nit to pick -- I received an inquiry from someone at Netinsights.
 She didn't want to send a message "through" my lists -- she wanted me to
*send  her* my lists.  Totally different thing -- at least if a message went
through my list that I'd approved, it would be a one time thing.  Giving the
list away means it could happen over and over.  If I wanted my subscribers to
get junk mail, I'd just hand the list over to Cyberpromo....

>  If we first ask you as list-managers to approve a mass mailing to your
>  would you consider doing so?

All mine are moderated, but this would be outside the topics, so I'd guess
no.  If you're sending it to an unmoderated list, however, it will certainly
be considered spam unless you ask the list owner first.

Perhaps you could consider asking list owners with related web pages to link
to yours?  That I might consider, since it'd be totally optional on the
subscriber's part.  Contacting various webmasters unrelated to list
management might be a good idea as well.

>  From: Dave Sill <de5 @
 sws5 .
 ctd .
 ornl .
>>Obviously, an enterprise like ours needs the broadest possible membership--
>>we would like all the members of a horticulture list as well as all the 
>> members of an astronomy list to consider joining. 

>  Why target list subscribers? Sounds like you need a general marketing
>  plan targeting Internet users.

Yes, exactly.  Though certainly pre-assembled lists are a convenient target
-- they always are. :-/



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