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Subject: sigs: some experience
From: D . Thomas @ vthrc . uq . edu . au (Danny Thomas)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 06:53:23 +1000
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM

I'm always loathe to step in when a thread has thrown up more heat than
light, but felt it worthwhile mentioning:

people have said it's unnecessary to include your email address cause it's
in the headers.

1) some digests I used to frequent carefully stripped out a lot of
   the headers such that determining reply address was impossible.
   Yes you can argue the configuration was broken, but for sheer
   pragmatism I thought it necessary to include reply address in 'sig'

2) I want to discourage people from gleaning return addresses from
   headers. In my recent configuration of our departmental mail
   system, I've taken to accepting recipient addresses of the only
   form we've ever advertised. It's surprising the number of messages
   to host based addresses. There's also the historical problem in
   Australia of confusion between oz, & au. In any case the
   automated reply includes a suggested email address that should be
   used, plus of course a mention of contacting postmaster.

and I don't think anyone mentioned the width of sigs. The Eudora mailer I
use wraps at about 76 characters which disrupts a surprising number of sigs
which have been carefully constructed to fit on 80 character terminals.
These also display scant regard to what happens when the sig is quoted.

so in general I sign my messages with the following two-liner

Danny Thomas  (D .
 Thomas @
 vthrc .
 uq .
 edu .

PS but I haven't yet considered what to do about point to web-page.

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