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Subject: Re: 3rd party auto-reply mailing list attack
From: Ed Woodrick <ewoodrick @ ed-com . com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 20:56:50 -0500
To: "list-managers @ greatcircle . com" <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>


Here's one of the subscription replies that I got from one of the listserv lists. It goes into pretty good detail of how it handles the verification and the time frames that it implements. I've also tagged one of their sig lines that the list adds to all messages at the bottom.

The way they are setup, you pretty much have to be where your address says you are from, for you to get subscribed to the list. 

Ed Woodrick

From: 	Brock Rozen[SMTP:brozen @
 netvoyage .
Sent: 	Monday, January 22, 1996 8:20 PM
To: 	Dan Tucker
Cc: 	list-managers @
 GreatCircle .
Subject: 	Re: 3rd party auto-reply mailing list attack

I've seen a similar system, but it wasn't majordomo.

All they had to do was reply to the message with the word  OK

If they had a weird system and couldn't reply to the message but had to 
send another message or something, they could reply with   OK <validation-code>

and thus the system knew it was them....

The system I used was  listserv @
 taunivm .
 tau .
 ac .

From: 	L-Soft list server at PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM (1.8b)[SMTP:LISTSERV @
Sent: 	Monday, January 08, 1996 11:18 PM
To: 	Ed Woodrick
Subject: 	Command confirmation request (612F07)

Your command:

                      SUBSCRIBE WIN95-L Ed Woodrick

has  been received.  You must  now reply  to this  message (as  explained
below) to  complete your subscription.  The purpose of  this confirmation
procedure is to  check that the address  LISTSERV is about to  add to the
list for your subscription is reachable.  This is a typical procedure for
high-volume lists and  all new subscribers are subjected to  it - you are
not  being  singled  out.  Every  effort  has  been  made  to  make  this
verification as  simple and painless  as possible. Thanks in  advance for
your cooperation.

To confirm  the execution of  your command,  simply reply to  the present
message and type  "ok" (without the quotes) as the  text of your message.
Just the word "ok" - do not  retype the command. This procedure will work
with any mail  program that fully conforms to the  Internet standards for
electronic  mail. If  you receive  an error  message, try  sending a  new
message  to  LISTSERV @
 COM  (without  using  the  "reply"
function - this  is very important) and  type "ok 612F07" as  the text of
your message.

Finally,  your command  will be  cancelled  automatically if  you do  not
confirm it  within 48h. After that  time, you must start  over and resend
the command to get  a new confirmation code. If you  change your mind and
decide that  you do NOT want  to confirm the command,  simply discard the
present message and let the command expire on its own.

The WIN95-L list is hosted on a Windows NT(TM) machine running L-Soft
international's LISTSERV(TM) software. To unsubscribe, send a SIGNOFF
WIN95-L command to LISTSERV @
 COM .
    If you have ques-
tions about the list, write to  WIN95-L-REQUEST @
 COM .
For LISTSERV sales information, just write to SALES @
 COM .

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