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Subject: Digests
From: ""Sean Davies"" <sean @ hursley . ibm . com>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 15:09:09 GMT
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
Reply-to: Sean @ hursley . ibm . com

Can anyone help me ?
I have just set up a new internet mailing list using majordomo V1.93
I am having difficulties creating the digests...
My alias entries are as follows ..

# sample
owner-sample: sean @
 hursley .
 ibm .
sample-approval: sean @
 hursley .
 ibm .

sample: "|/u/majordom/wrapper resend -p bulk -M 10000 -R -l sample
 -f owner-sample -h -s sample-outgoing"
sample-digest: sample

owner-sample-outgoing: owner-sample
sample-outgoing::include:/u/majordom/lists/sample, "|/u/majordom/w
rapper digest -r -C -l sample-digest sample-digest-outgoing", "|/u
/majordom/wrapper -a -d -f /u/majordom/archives/sample/ibm-ja

owner-sample-digest-outgoing: owner-sample

sample-request: "|/u/majordom/wrapper majordomo -l sample"
owner-sample-request: owner-sample

owner-sample-digest-request: owner-sample
sample-digest-request: "|/u/majordom/wrapper majordomo -l sample-d

My entry for 
 $digest_work_dir = '/afs/

I have a sample-digest list in lists and sample-digest directory in 
My archives are being generated OK and each posting is going into the  
digests/sample-digest directory as 001 002 003 etc....

But how do I make the digests ???
MKDIGEST sample-digest fails saying there are no messages ??

Sean Davies                                    
Workstation and Network Support  +-----------------------------------+ 
IBM UK Laboratories Ltd.         | VNET:     sean @
 hursley            | 
Hursley Park,                    | Internet: sean @
 hursley .
 ibm .
 com    |
Winchester, Hants,               +-----------------------------------+ 
England SO21 2JN           
Internal: 7-248974               International: +44 962-818974      

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