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Subject: Re: Help with Moderated List
From: "John P. Rouillard" <rouilj @ cs . umb . edu>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 16:53:27 -0500
To: "Dave Lampson" <lampson @ calon . com>
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: Your message of "Thu, 02 Mar 1995 10:20:14 PST." <199503021824 . KAA07815 @ miles . greatcircle . com>

In message <199503021824 .
 KAA07815 @
 miles .
 greatcircle .
"Dave Lampson" writes:
>I have set up a moderated mailing list, defined a distribution list,
>created an info file, editted the config file, and most things seem to be
>working fine, except that I can't get anything distributed.  Subscribing
>and retrieving info works, but when I try and approve a post for
>distribution, it just keeps bouncing back to me.
>I have tried putting the "Approved:" line in both the header of the
>message (I use elm) and as the first line in the body of a message, and
>I've sent it to "list" and not to "list-request", but they just keep
>getting bounced back for approval.  I'm stumped, but surely I'm missing
>something obvious.  I've been through the documentation thoroughly, and
>can't see any problem with the procedure I'm using.  Any suggestions?

When troubleshooting this type of problem do two things:

	add an archive program to the list alias so you can see
		the message that is given to resend

	use approve to generate a message

compare your approved message against approve's approved message and
see what needs to be done. This assumes that approve puts our a
correct message.

-- John

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