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(March 1995)

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Subject: Re: Proposed Trouble Data Base
From: Linda Henneman <frugal @ best . com>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 12:27:40 -0800 (PST)
To: Alan Deikman <alan @ znyx . com>
Cc: Sharon Shea <sshea @ world . std . com>, list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <9503121916 . AA08237 @ znyx . com>

Alan, I don't feel comfortable keeping a list, either. I worry about 
people on it finding out and perhaps trying to bring some legal action 
for libel against the person who keeps the database plus people who give 
input. Even if their claims have no merit, you still have to pay to get 
an attorney and defend yourself. I'm reminded of when I did volunteer 
work for a tenants' rights organization and we discussed keeping a list 
of landlords that people had had bad experiences w/so people could call 
and check it out before renting w/someone and it couldn't be set up for 
the above reason. Plus, mean-spirited people could give false information 
so people who don't deserve to have negative things said about them could 
end up having that happen. This may be comparing applies and oranges 
somewhat as there's not a business reputation at stake generally in the 
case of the "sicko" list abusers, but IMHO it still applies.

I'd like to say a great big *thank you* to everyone who's responded to my 
original post about profanity on lists--had no idea it would generate 
such feedback! It's been very, very helpful and made me feel very 
comfortable to be firm in my resolve not to allow what I feel is 
inappropriate material on my list. Best wishes to my comrades in the 
world of list managing! Linda Henneman (frugal @
 best .

On Sun, 12 Mar 1995, Alan Deikman wrote:

> >> Amy, Sharon, Linda, would you participate?

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