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(December 1997)

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Subject: Re: NT as a central intranet firewall
From: Bill Coutinho <coutinho @ dextra . com . br>
Organization: Dextra Informatica []
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 08:25:00 -0200
To: Billy Verreynne <vslabs @ onwe . co . za>
Cc: Firewalls Mailing List <firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM>
References: <01bd05f7$d4bda020$f3040059 @ billyv . vslabs . co . za>

Billy Verreynne wrote:
> [...]
> I fail to understand why this NT vs. Unix issue keeps on cropping up.
> [...]

Maybe, that's because many people don't like the way MS is dominating
the market (becoming a monopoly, one might say), and controlling their
lives. So, those people try very hard to find ways to fight MS, and one
of MS's weakest point is the quality of its software (yes, yes, they are
getting better all the time...). People have to fight MS *before* they
get there (I mean, having really good software), and tend to be very
passionate due to this pressure.

So, from my perspective, that's not a Unix vs. NT issue, but a freedom
                    Bill Coutinho <mailto:coutinho @
 dextra .
 com .
                    Dextra Informatica <>
                                            Campinas, SP - Brazil

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