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(June 1997)

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Subject: Re: MJR & Checkpoint
From: "Marcus J. Ranum" <mjr @ nfr . net>
Organization: Network Flight Recorder, Inc.
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:21:24 +0000
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Prof. Julian Assange writes:
> Here's something else worth saying - you forgot the disclaimer;
> i.e that you have on occasion been on an NSA pay-role

Excuse me? I have never worked for NSA in any capacity.
You must be confusing me with someone you actually know
something about...

>and that your
> previous employeer TIS, is 80% NSA funded, according to SEC filings.

TIS is a consultancy (or was, in those days) with different
projects under different funding sources. Because I never
was willing to fill out the paper work for a clearance, I only
worked on ARPA funded projects. The NSA stuff was mostly
useless formal methods and trusted systems and I wasn't
interested in that, anyhow.

Marcus J. Ranum, CEO, Network Flight Recorder, Inc.
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