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(September 1995)

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Subject: RE: Why is Windows NT sending this packet ? (fwd)
From: "Greg King (Exchange)" <gregking @ microsoft . com>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 17:03:19 -0700
To: "firewalls @ greatcircle . com" <firewalls @ greatcircle . com>, "'Mike Culver'" <mculver @ ncelec . com>

Sorry I wasn't looking at the address before.This is the ip multicast address that wins uses for partner discovery.  You probably have a wins server on this box

Greg King
Microsoft BackOffice Capacity Planning Mananger

From: 	Mike Culver[SMTP:mculver @
 ncelec .
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 26, 1995 2:03 PM
To: 	firewalls @
 greatcircle .
Subject: 	Re: Why is Windows NT sending this packet ? (fwd)

Maybe this is how NT handles browsing in absence of NetBeui?

>>On Sep 26,  2:45pm, Torsten Sturm (CIP 89) wrote:
>>> Subject: Why is Windows NT sending this packet ? (fwd)
>>> Does anyone know why my Windows NT Server v3.5 would be sending packets
>>>   Address:
>IP address in the range of are multicast address
>with a special attribute.  Instead of the destination being a single machine
>it is a group of machines that have made a request to their NIC to receive
>any packets to this address. The most common place you will see this is with
>routers to send updates.  Multicasting works the same as broadcasting except
>only the hosts that want to recieve the packets will see them.
>This does not explain why NT is sending request on this address.  The only
>thing  I can think of would be it is how it handles the concepts of "groups"
>for NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

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