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(September 1995)

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Subject: Re: IPX firewall?
From: "Moubray, Steve" <SMOUBRAY @ dcc . com>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 20:19:00 -0500
To: "'firewalls @ greatcircle . com'" <firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM>
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Rumar has it that the following was stated:
:From: Andrew Foss <afoss @
 translation .
:Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 14:02:23 -0700
:Subject: Re: IPX firewall?
:At 08:23 AM 9/12/95 -0700, Bradley E. Hubbard wrote:
:>I'm wondering if anyone knows of any firewall products that have been
:>developed in and for an IPX environment?
:Internet Junction(recently purchased by Cisco) has a gateway that converts
:IPX to IP. It's available for Solaris, HP-UX, IRX ...
:It has the advantage of not putting TCP stacks on the IPX clients, but it's
:not the right solution for many people.
:1. TCP stacks are now free and Win95 and all that jive from Redmond will
:have it included.
:2. The IJ product still requires a dll on all the PC's.
:3. Compatability in gatewaying the 2 unlike protocols seems to be a
:continual challenge.
:4. It has to run as an application on a machine which will need to be
:adequately secured itself.
:5. Performance is limited.
:I don't want to offend anyone, but I think the right solution is just let
:the IPX clients live in the IP world as opposed to trying to gateway their
:>Thanks in advance,
:>Brad Hubbard
:>behubba @
 rssi .
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Instant Internet offers a dedicated IPX to IP gateway that is similar to the 
Internet Junction package but doesn't require a dedicated WS.  It comes in 
it's own little chassis (it's actually an Intel PC inside without a monitor 
or keyboard port).  It functions with most WINSOCK based software.  The 
reason I say most is because they have written their own WINSOCK.DLL that 
talks IPX instead of IP.

It is a great solution for some Novell sites but I'm not sure about 
performance at big sites.  This doesn't do much for sites that are running 
IP everywhere and need to ensure software compatibility from many different 
platforms but it is a nice product in the Novell market.

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