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(April 1994)

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Subject: RE: Distributed Object security ?
From: jjames @ firstfloor . COM (John W. James - First Floor, Inc)
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 94 07:42:48 PDT
To: hduc @ epa . gov . au, firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM
Reply-to: jjames @ firstfloor . COM

Actually, I don't think ToolTalk has much of anything to do with
DOE, as they'll handle their own implementation in much different

ttdbserverd is used by the existing OpenWindows desktop to allow some
interoperability between deskset apps and third party apps. It
is used, for example, by mailtool to figure out which app should
be used to launch an attachment to a mail message. (Sometimes you'll
see references to the "classing engine" in conjunction with this.)
The inetd.conf entry used to get put in place during OpenWindows
installation, but it may actually be put in place during the OS load
now on Solaris 2.X systems.

The best I recall, just starting mailtool is enough to kick off the
tooltalk daemon, as it wants to gather up all the classes the
classing engine knows about in the beginning, probably to cache them.
If you still run mailtool on this system, you will likely now see a
significant lag time in mailtool's startup, as it won't move on until
the obligatory 25 seconds of failing to get the daemon to reply have

As for CORBA having thought through security issues, this is a good
topic, and one that should be pushed on by the community if it is
not to their liking. Nothing in DOE has hit the released product
stream as yet, so there would still be time to read over the specs
and voice opinions before there are some legacy apps out there. When
I was at Sun and looking at DOE, I was mainly concerned over the
amount of test support that was in it, and I never looked at anything
relating to security, though I think anything that was added for
testing probably was a step backward for security.


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