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(April 1994)

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Subject: Re: WWW, Wais and Gopher proxies
From: Ken Hardy <ken @ bridge . com>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 11:13:45 -0500
To: gaulse @ ttown . apci . com
Cc: firewalls @ greatcircle . com

That kid in research wrote:

>or so and I seem to recall someone mentioning the development 
>of "secure" proxies for WWW, Gopher and Wais...
>Can anyone tell me the current status of development or
>proxies that may become available for these services?

(Usuall warnings about firewall proxy not protecting you from certain
potential insecurities in the underlying applications & their
protocols, etc.)

The CERN httpd server will serve as a proxy for WWW, Gopher, FTP, NNTP,
and, reportedly, WAIS when those services are used from the latest
versions of Mosaic, which can be made to understand the proxy by the
addition of some environment variables or resource entries.  It seems
to work very well, except for these two problems:

1.  It does _not_ want to proxy WAIS for us.  Mosaic sends the request
    to the proxy, and then it says "...could not be accessed...".  I'd
    appreciate communications from anyone who has WAIS working,
    preferably through Mosaic, but I'd settle for any sort of

2.  We cannot seem to get to an internal HTTP server when using the
    proxy on the firewall.  It seems that the request should go to the
    proxy which will resolve the hostname to the internal host and
    forward the request there, handle the response, etc.; it shouldn't
    differentiate between internal & external servers (it does clients;
    it won't accept external connections; it runs chrooted under the
    TIS toolkit which rejects external connections before launhing the
    server.)  Any help with this problem is also appreciated; does
    anyone have this sort of setup working?


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