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Subject: Re: Encrypted tunnels
From: Steve Kennedy <steve @ gbnet . org>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 1994 23:12:52 +0000 (GMT)
To: mcimail . com!0003858921 @ gbnet . org
Cc: greatcircle . com!firewalls @ gbnet . org
In-reply-to: <14940414120541/0003858921NA4EM @ mcimail . com> from "Robert G. Moskowitz" at Apr 14, 94 07:05:00 am


> I need to understand how do create encrypted tunnels between trading
> partners where there can be no requirement of matching firewall products.

You could get a commercial KarlBridge. This will allow tunnelling (of
any protocol within IP) between any two (or more) addresses. The tunnel
may also be encrypted.

If the traffic is purely IP that may be encrypted between any addresses.

Currently the encryption is really a 'translation' on a byte basis.

This is not 'real' encryption (UK GCHQ definition anyway) but is good
enough to deter snoopers etc.

There are plans to implement DES/IDEA etc. but then the bridge is
covered under munitions and export becomes a problem.

Current all encryption work is being 'designed' in the UK, but there
are still problems with exporting encryption code.



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