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(April 1994)

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Subject: Re[3]: What??
From: Fernando Cabral <fernando%boemia @ ax . apc . org>
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 1994 18:03:10 +0100 (BST)
To: 0066169 @ ccmail . emis . hac . com, firewalls @ greatcircle . com

=> 	>Would someone fill me in on the Digital Pathways DES keys thing?
=> 	>I'm in the dark. What are they, and why are they so popular?
=> 	)        It's a handheld cryptographic authentication calculator. They cost
=> 	)~$55 in quantity. They contain a replaceable (hot swap) battery that keeps a
=> 	)DES key in memory all the time. The admin programs the key into it -- so you
=> 	)don't rely on someone else to key your authentication device.
=> 	)        It's fairly solid, not especially attractive, but it uses an algorithm
=> 	)someone published a few years back, that's easy to implement in software, so
=> 	)you can avoid host-software licensing, portability, and availability issues.
=> 	)        It's one of the authentication devices the TIS firewall toolkit
=> 	)supports -- we have a server-side implementation that requires no additional
=> 	)software, so you can just buy 'em and key 'em and issue 'em to users.
=> 	)mjr.
=> 	   Digital Pathways also offers a client SSNK (Software Secure Net Key)
=> 	   for DOS and Mac OSs (I believe they're working on a UNIX client).  It's
=> 	   a more convenient implmentation of the cryptographic authentication
=> 	   calculator (SNK) if you tend to loose or forget the calculator hardware.
=> 	   Ron Martin
=> 	   Hughes Aircraft
 Haven't you dumb heard him saying that he is in the dark? For a blind person
 like him, the TSNSKF (AKA Touch-Sensitive Network Secure-Key Facility) is
 the right answer. This simple device has an universal AU (Atachment
 Unit) which is level-2 complient. This means it can be plugged into 
 any network, including Ethernet and Token-Ring. It is protocol independent
 and work with any operating system, in two different modes: client
 (if you beg for things) and server (if you are a public worker).
 The Japanese version is good, the American version is the most expensive,
 the European version is OK but not reliable; the Taiwan-made works well
 as long as there is no rain. Good if you in the Sahara. Not recommended for
 the rain forest.
 - fernando
Fernando Cabral
fcabral @
 ibase .
PADRAO iX Sistemas Abertos
voice: +55 61 274-6092
fax:   +55 61 274-5302
Modem: +55 61 273-5559

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