Great Circle Associates Firewalls
(February 1994)

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Subject: Network Systems Routers
From: Terry Yackel <yacketl @ mnbp . network . com>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 17:31:00 CST
To: firewalls <firewalls @ greatcircle . com>
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Fellow Firewallers,

A router which needs to be looked at if you are serious about setting up a 
firewall for your network is the Network Systems Router.  It has standard as 
part of the software filtering for any direction of traffic, IP address 
wildcarding, port filtering on TCP and UDP both source and destination and 
also supports RFC1038 and RFC1108 and also DNSIX support for the security 
conscious in the Federal Government.  Let me know if you want to here more. 
 Thanks for your ear and eyes :-).

Terry Yackel
Network Systems Corporation

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