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We specialize in enterprise information technology (IT) infrastructure and networking for everyone from startups to large multi-national corporations, with a particular emphasis on network automation. We do everything from creating IT infrastructures from scratch, to analyzing and improving infrastructures that have been stretched to their limits by a company's growth, to combining existing infrastructures during international corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Netomata Project
We sponsor the Netomata Project, an open source project to develop and support network automation software. Netomata tools help organizations of all types and sizes get the most out of their data networks by making them more cost-effective, reliable, manageable, scalable, and flexible. The tools are used by smart managers and network engineers to design, deploy, upgrade, and manage the networks that best suit their organizations' needs. Netomata's tools were created by Great Circle's Brent Chapman.

We are the home of Majordomo, one of the Internet's most popular free mailing list management packages, which was originally written by Great Circle's Brent Chapman. In addition to distributing the Majordomo software, we host the mailing lists devoted to supporting and developing Majordomo.

List-Managers Mailing List
We host the List-Managers mailing list, which is a platform-neutral forum for discussing issues related to managing Internet mailing lists, including (but not limited to) methods, mechanisms, techniques, policies, and software.
Great Circle Waypoints Blog
We publish the Great Circle Waypoints blog for items of interest to Great Circle clients and friends, with a special focus on network automation.

We're often invited to make presentations at professional events such as user group meetings, conferences, and workshops. Look here for copies of our presentation materials from those events.

Building Internet Firewalls Book
Great Circle's Brent Chapman is the coauthor of the critically acclaimed O'Reilly & Associates book Building Internet Firewalls, now in its second edition. Learn all about the book here, and order your copy today.

Firewalls Mailing List
The Firewalls mailing list is the leading forum for discussions of Internet and intranet firewall security systems and related issues. We hosted the Firewalls mailing list from its creation in September 1992 until April 1998, and still host the list's archives from that period. The list itself is currently hosted by the Internet Systems Consortium.

Other Mailing Lists
In addition to List-Managers and the Majordomo-related lists, we have previously hosted other Internet discussion mailing lists.


Friday, 28 January 2011

Great Circle Associates founder and principal Brent Chapman will be presenting a talk entitled Incident Command for IT: What We Can Learn From The Fire Department at the Cascadia IT Conference in Seattle on Saturday, 12 March 2011. The Cascadia IT Conference is "a regional workshop for Systems, Networks, Database, and Web Administrators and others who provide professional IT support/services", organized by the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) and the Seattle Area System Administrators Guild (SASAG).

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Great Circle Associates, Inc., has acquired Netomata, Inc., which developed open source network automation tools such as the Netomata Config Generator (NCG) that make networks more cost-effective, reliable, and flexible. Great Circle will continue to sponsor open source development and community support of the Netomata tools as the Netomata Project.
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